Great beauty and simplicity Excellent cleanliness

Great beauty and simplicity Excellent cleanliness

  • Ultrathin

  • Swirling Flushing

  • Rapid Drainage

  • Easy-to-clean

  • Sound-off

  • Water Economy

Beginning with apperance
Dedicated to Function and Use Feelings

Slim Design
Ultra-thin Cover Excellent Apperance

Ultra-thin Cover Excellent Apperance
Exquisite appearance Excellent strength, dedication to function and use experience

Strong momentum triple push
One rinse without residue

  • Strong momentum
  • Super Swirl 360-degree Scouring
  • Siphon jet

GEBERIT Drainage Valve
Sweeping dirt One click of freshness

GEBERIT 3-inch Drainage Valve, 3-second Rapid Flush
Impulse boosting, faster and cleaner

Speed-row turbocharging
Larger pipe diameter One-step sewage disposal in place

Increase the design of pipe diameter to make sewage discharge unimpeded
No residue, no contamination
  • 50MM

    Larger Pipe Diameter
  • 360degree

    Pipeline glazing
  • Ctype

    Sewerage Pipeline

Whirlpool Technology
A whirlpool of energy No trace left

Using whirlpool flushing test flushing technology, the surface can be flushed quickly and effectively.
Powerful impulse, dirt can't hide
  • Rotary flushing

Easy cleaning glaze
Bright as new Health bacteriostasis

  • Easy cleaning glaze
  • Internal smoothness
  • Easy Clean R Angle

High temperature calcination
Durable and not yellowing

It is made by firing at about 1250 C. with high density and hard surface
Adhesive stain, long-lasting not yellowing and stinking
  • About1250

    High temperature firing
  • 128meters

    tunnel kiln
  • <0.5%

    Water absorption

Dual mute
Get rid of noise worries

  • Dual mute
  • Mute cover
  • Silent flushing

Water saving technology
Dual-gear design Water-saving pioneer

Double-gear quieter and more water-saving, small punch with small keys, big punch with big keys
Scientific design, using while saving