Simple Strength School
Good quality and good life

In a hurry morning
Make-up in place in one step

Dust-proof mirror cabinet design, classified items placed, easy to create a clean bathroom

Double drawer main cabinet
Refuse sundries Be an Administrator

Large capacity main cabinet, rich storage function, to provide you with reasonable space
Use design to keep your life in order

Design of water retaining edge
Keep the bathroom dry

Humanized design, excess overflow control
Keep the space clean and dry

Integral forming ceramic thin side basin
Clean glaze without stain

The ceramic body is compact and hard by calcination at high temperature, and the surface is glazed with multi-layer glaze,
Smooth and clean
  • Dense and hard
  • Multi-layer glazing
  • Smooth and clean

Tailor-made for you
Excellent selection·Strong and durable

It is made of stainless steel sheet, which has the characteristics of small deformation and high strength

Exquisite craftsmanship
Demonstrate extraordinary taste

Coating technology, layer protection is more wear-resistant
Coated stainless steel, high hardness, no delamination, more corrosion-resistant, more wear-resistant

Buckle design
Triangular reinforcement is stronger

No solder joint process, more rust-proof,
the triangular reinforced structure is more stable and does not sway

Large capacity drawer

Privacy items can be safely placed, waterproof and dustproof, without fear of being wet